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Back Vitalizer
Back Vitalizer

Back Vitalizer

Go anywhere & use anywhere. Be comfortable sitting at work, at the theatre, driving or travelling.

The continuous flow air cushion that unlocks back tension and can help stop pain. Back Vitalizer for rehabilitation. Ideal for use where your health care advisor prescribes exercises for strengthening that involves maintaining balance or balance training.

The Back Vitalizer is a 5-in-1 proprioceptive therapy device that:

  • Improves sitting posture
  • Helps correct forward head posture & reduces neck pain
  • Strengthen lower back & core stability
  • Supports the natural curve of the spine

A custom lumbar support

Posture Correction Device
Posture Correction Device

Posture Correction Device

Your posture is important and the posture correction device is ideal for anyone who has neck, shoulder & upper back pain or tension that stems from a forward head posture.
Easy to use the posture correction device is designed for use on a floor or firm flat surface.  The following a just a few of the benefits of using the posture correction device regularly:

  • Improves you posture by comfortably lengthening the spine.
  • Counter acts slouching and slumping with gravity.
  • May help reduce a neck/upper back hump.
  • Is safe and effective body awareness exercise helping achieve a more relaxed upright posture.
  • Is great as an after-exercise relaxation and upper body stretch.
  • Is an ideal posture position to meditate in helping quieten the mind, relaxes muscles and aids deeper breathing.

Works in harmony with your chiropractic care.



Complete Sleeprrr. Ergonomic contour design for complete support. Adjustable height & shape, which suits everyone. It has removable foam inserts that provide 12 different adjustable options.

Naturelle  - The pillow includes an extra 2cm removable layer of latex so you can adjust the height to better suit individual needs. The pillow comes in 3 sizes, Low, Medium & High profile.

Nutritional Supplements

We stock a wide range of ‘practitioner only’ nutritional supplements. Enquire at reception or ask your chiropractor.

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